Flavored Tobacco

multiple cigar packs


Flavored tobacco comes in many varieties. Cigars, electronic cigarettes, blunt wraps, loose tobacco, smokeless tobacco and hookah tobacco all come in a huge variety of flavors. Flavors include grape, gummy bear, chocolate, fruit punch, berry, martini, bubble gum and lemonade.

Flavoring and YouthFlavored Tobacco Product Use

Flavored tobacco products are frequently sold in bright and colorful packaging at a low cost. For example, many cigars can be purchased for as little as three for $1 or $.79 each. The wide variety of flavors and the low costs are very appealing to youth. For these reasons, young people are much more likely to use flavored products than adults.

Regulating Flavored Tobacco

Several cities around the United States have regulated the sale of flavored tobacco. In Minnesota, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Shoreview have restricted the sale of flavored products, excluding mint, menthol and wintergreen, to adult only stores. Any store where children are allowed to enter can no longer sell fruit or candy flavored tobacco products.

Many cities throughout Minnesota have also regulated the sale of cigars, many of which are flavored. Minnesota cities such as Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Bloomington, Maplewood and Richfield have set a minimum price for cigars at $2.60 each for packs less than three. Any pack four or larger, must be sold for a minimum of $10.40. Brooklyn Center has also set cigars for a minimum price of $2.10 each unless sold in packs of five or more. This type of ordinance makes cigars more expensive and less appealing to youth.



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